Jordan Peele’s third feature film, Nope, is hitting theaters this weekend. The sci-fi/horror-comedy blockbuster is expected to earn a good amount of money at the box office.

Experts say it might reach the $50 million mark in its opening weekend, and it’s certainly off to a solid start with a $6.4 million Thursday night preview. It premiered in over 3,250 theaters last night and will expand to even more theaters tonight.

His previous horror flick, Us, managed to land $7.4 million in its Thursday night preview back in March of 2019, so the numbers aren’t too far off. Us went on to make $71 million in its opening weekend, the best opening for an R-rated horror film.

How do the films match up when it comes to the critics? Well, they’re fairly close. Us has a 93% rating on the site, and Nope currently sits at 81%, but of note, Nope currently holds the better audience score, although it’s likely that number drops as more votes come in.

Nope was made on a $68 million budget, not including marketing costs, so it’s likely closer to $100 million.

The good news is that it should make that back and more, once its run in theaters is complete.

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