A short video clip for the world’s only Game Of Thrones Studio Tour which is situated in Northern Ireland has been released.

Game Of Thrones

Fans of the HBO show, which ran from 2011 to 2019 across eight seasons, can visit the 110,000 square foot studio tour in County Down, one of the show’s original filming locations.

According to the website, the tour promises to take visitors:

“behind the scenes of The Seven Kingdoms and beyond,”

Visitors will be able to walk through sets including Winterfell, the throne room in Dragonstone, Cersei’s courtyard in King’s Landing and the mess room in Castle Black, and the hope is that the tour will welcome up to 600,000 visitors a year.

A new video preview of the tour was released and shows one of the halls found in Westeros, the fictional continent where the House Of Stark hail from. It also shows many original costumes from the show, including those belonging to the Night’s Watch.

The actor who played Ser Barristan Selmy in Game Of Thrones, Ian McElhinney said during the promotion:

“One of the great things about being an actor is walking into a studio space and saying right, this is now my world and putting on a costume and saying right, this is how my character dresses,”

“Walking in here is like being back in the Game Of Thrones studio and being kind of impressed by it,”

HBO’s vice president, licensing & retail Jeff Peters said (via Northern Ireland Screen):

“Some of the most iconic scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed at Linen Mill Studios and our fans will soon have an opportunity to visit and see the work of the show’s incredible crew in the museum setting it deserves.”

Game Of Thrones

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