If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or a fan
of Spiderman, you probably want to get in on the discussion and debates going
on all over the internet about the upcoming Spiderman: No Way Home movie. Read
this article to know everything important so far about the movie – who is in
it, who is expected to be in it, what the hype is about, and when you’ll
finally be able to see it all on the big screen.

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming, and perhaps one of the
most hyped, Spiderman movie already has set the internet abuzz with its first
trailer out. The Jon Watts directed movie is set to be released in the United
States on December 17, 2021, after being pushed back multiple times from its
originally scheduled release date of July 16 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a little over one month to go till the release, and
production conflicts seem to have delayed the release of the second trailer.
There have been, however, confirmed and unconfirmed rumors, fan theories and
immense speculation about the movie that makes critiques and online
commentators optimistic that it will be a major box office success.

Part 1: A Quick Recap

In the previous film in this franchise, a cliffhanger ending
showed Spiderman’s identity as Peter Parker exposed to the public by Mysterio
who also alleges Peter of murder. No Way Home is set to explore a complex
multiverse, where Doctor Strange’s attempted spell to erase everyone’s memory
of Peter’s identity as Spiderman does not play out as intended. There has been
a lot of wondering online as to what exactly this will mean for the storyline
and how the different Spidermans in each of the multiverses will collide, but
most theories remain unconfirmed as Marvel continues to reveal very little
detail ahead of time. Even some of the cast members are yet to be officially
confirmed, although IMDB has an available list of case members on its website.

Part 2: Cast Members

Starting off with the confirmed cast, here are the actors who
will be seen in Spiderman: No Way Home – Tom Holland will be returning as Peter
Parker, as will Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and Zendaya as MJ. Also
confirmed to be on the cast are Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds, Marisa Tomei as May
Parker and Jon Favreau as Harold Hogan. Additionally, the cast will include
Paula Newsome, J. K. Simmons, Angourie Rice, Jamie Foxx, Tony Revolori,
Benedict Wong, Martin Starr, J.B. Smoove, Harry Holland, Hannibal Buress, Glenn
Keogh, Gloria Bishop, Christopher Corke, Robert Mitchel Owenby, Tarek al
Halabi, Jordan Foster, Chad J. Wagner, Jana N. Prentiss, Wes Jetton and others
in various roles.

The arguably most exciting cast reveal has been that of
Alfred Molina, who confirmed his role as Otto Octavius following the release of
the first trailer. In supposedly leaked photos of the set, multiple Spiderman
suits, rumored to be worn by Andrew Garfield, Maguire and Tom Holland in the
film have been widely circulated.

Part 3: Confirmed and Speculated Villains

One of the most important topics of debate that has been
ongoing surrounding the movie is the villain lineup, most of which is still
unconfirmed. As such, there are no authentic accounts of exactly how many villains
will be seen in No Way Home. Speculations point to the likelihood of seeing all
members of the Sinister Six on screen. The appearance of this group of
supervillains from the Spiderman Comic books could indeed change the way
Marvel’s movies typically feature one or two key villains, but the case lineup
remains unconfirmed.

The most prominent cast confirmation after Tom Holland
remains Doctor Octopus. Fans further expect that Willen Dafoe may return as
Green Goblin from Sam Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy, alongside Jamie Foxx as the
newer Electro from The Amazing Spiderman 2, Thomas Haden Church as Sandman from
Spiderman 3, Rhys Ifans from The Amazing Spiderman, and Toby Maguire and Andrew
Garfield. Garfield has, however, been strongly rejecting any claims of his
involvement with the movie. The character of Rhino is also expected to return
in the latest movie.

That the Green Goblin will likely return is a more concrete
expectation, given that the character’s pumpkin bombs were seen in the first
released trailer for No Way Home and Green Goblin outfits were further seen in
leaked photos online of the set.

If the Sinister Six are indeed seen in the multiverse in No
Way Home, this will be a major pivot point for two reasons. Firstly, this will
be the first time that Spiderman is shown fighting off multiple villains,
possibly simultaneously in the movie. Secondly, this may provide a chance for
Sony to finally add some significance to the ending of The Amazing Spiderman 2,
which did not perform well and saw Spiderman being rebooted as part of the
Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Part 4: The Possible Appearance of Venom

Based entirely off fan theories and a particularly well-made
fan trailer, Venom, also known as Eddie Brock, is a much-anticipated character
for No Way Home.

To quickly recap, Venom has always been stronger and bigger
than Spiderman, and sees Spiderman as his nemesis based on the belief that
Spiderman is responsible for all back luck in Venom’s life. Brock once wrote a
series of articles that were meant to be an exposé of a murderer, but Spiderman
soon unveiled the actual murderer to the world which proved Brock’s story
incorrect in identifying the actual criminal. Since then, Brock’s career too a
dive, he was fired from his job, his wife left him, and he became a
laughingstock among fellow journalists. Brock was later mentally and physically
attached to an alien symbiote who had previously sacrificed itself to protect
Spiderman, but who needed a host for its own survival. The shape-shifting
symbiote became a costume for Brock, giving him powers similar to Spiderman and
then sone.

Part of Venom is driven by hatred for Spiderman, while the
other part simply wants to re-bond with Spiderman. This creates an interesting
love-hate dynamic between Spiderman and Venom. Although there have been no
confirmations of the character appearing in the movie, his history with
Spiderman would make for a riveting watch to say the least.

Part 5: Box Office Projections

The exact cost of making the No Way Home is not yet known, and
box office numbers will not be out till December 2021. Previous Spiderman
movies such as Spiderman: Homecoming in 2017 and Spiderman: Far From Home in
2019 had budgets of $175 million and $160 million respectively. Homecoming made
a modest $880 million worldwide, but Far From Home made much more at $1.13
billion globally.

Some of the actors’ remuneration for the film have also been
at the center of budget-related discussions. For instance, Tom Holland was
reportedly paid $5 million to appear in the movie, while Zendaya was reportedly
paid $2 million. The next few highest paid actors in the movie are J. B. Smoove
who received $1.2 million, Jacob Batalon who received $1 million, Marisa Tomei
who received $850,000, Jamie Foxx who received &550,000, Benedict
Cumberbatch who received $500,000, Alfred Molina who received $300,000, Tony
Revolori who received $200,000 and Angourie Rice who received $150,000.

Based on these previous figures and the unprecedented hype
surrounding Spiderman: No Way Home, there is almost no doubt that the film will
gross revenues far outstripping its budget, even if it takes more than $200
million to make. Barring some concerns surrounding the pandemic and theatre
going crowd sizes not being as large as expected, there is no reason why No Way
Home shouldn’t outperform both these previous movies in global revenue.


This article was intended to give readers a one-read brief on
everything there is to know so far about the upcoming Spiderman: No Way Home.
We hope that going through the piece has given you some quick insight into the
movie’s key details, including cast updates and fan theories. We’ll keep an eye
out for more updates as they come, and continue analyzing our finds until the
movie is finally on screens in December.  

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