Venom – the next big-budget movie of Marvel Cinematic Univers and for the first time in this film, Sony pictures is going to collaborate with MCU. The movie is about the anti-superhero “Venom”. The movie casting story reveals that this film is going to be one of the most successful movies of Marvel and Sony.  Venom’s cost to make is also mind-blowing. Who is not in this movie? Starting from Tom Hardy to Scott Deckert, you will see a bunch of mesmerizing actors in this film. This big-budget movie obviously will pay its actors a big fat amount of payment. Are you curious to know the casting salary of Venom? Let’s dig on it!

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Venom a Eyeball catching Wealthy Investment

Wealthy Investment – Venom cost to make

Venom is a multi-starter movie. This movie includes exclusive graphics, actions, and camera effects. As a result, MCU and Sony Pictures invested a lot of money in this film. The amount is really eye-popping. The budget for this movie is $100 million USD.  The huge budget movie is going to be a big hit in the history of Hollywood.

Venom casts and their big–fat salary

Venom is a multi-starer film. Tom Hardy, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, Jenny Slate, and Sope Aluke are in the film. Even Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Deckert, as well as Woody Harrelson, will be in that film. Let’s start with the main character – Hardy. He earned $7 million for his contribution to the film. It’s really a huge amount. Alongside this, the amazing Hardy is going to surprise us with some new films like Fonzo, Madmax: The wasteland, and many more.

Riz Ahmed is going to play the role of Caltron and he will also get a huge amount through the amount is not revealed yet!  Michelle Williams plays the role of Ann and her eye-popping payment is $1 million. Woody Harrelson is a mesmerizing actor. We will see his charisma in the film again. The dedicated actor will get an amount of $500,000. Jenny Slate is another integral part of the film and she has got not less than $350,000. Fascinating isn’t it. Each and every actor got their deserving payment from the MCU and Sony Pictures.  Though all of their payment is not revealed by the corporation we all know the amounts are huge enough to surprise us.

So, don’t miss the movie. Surely this movie will be enchanting as it is the story of an anti-hero “ Venom”.

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