Welcome to “Fear Street”, Netflix’s latest slasher trilogy event, which starts this week with “1994”. From the title and the font, you can already tell that this trilogy is tailor-made for fans of retro slasher flicks. It also helps that they’re based on R.L. Stine’s popular books, which were huge in the 1990’s. The film itself is well made and thoroughly enjoyable, even if it doesn’t have a lot of twists and turns up its sleeve. In true “slasher” fashion, we’re in a small town called “Shadyside”, where a masked killer has been terrorizing a group of teenagers. It’s exactly how you would imagine it, with blood, gore, and a killer soundtrack to accompany it. Of course, the story doesn’t end when the credits start rolling (we’ll have to wait for “1978” and “1666”, out this month as well), but so far, the stage is set for something truly memorable. Minor criticism: why wasn’t this trilogy released on Halloween? No matter. If you’re a fan of corny 1990’s horror films, then “Fear Street” will more than keep you busy this month on Netflix.

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