Hallelujah and pass the Fun Size M & M’s- Joe Bob Briggs is partnering with Black Vortex Cinema’s Chris Ackerman to bring an interactive drive-in experience to Southern California this Halloween season!! All is not lost and Halloween is looking up.

Just in time for the Halloween season, legendary horror host Joe Bob
Briggs and Los Angeles-based Black Vortex Cinema have announced today their partnership on “Joe Bob’s Haunted Drive-In,” a brand new, one-of-a-kind, COVID-conscious haunt experience/short horror film festival now being curated, and coming to drive-ins in Southern California this October.

“During these troubling times, we’ve seen many of our favorite seasonal Halloween events being forced to close, so we wanted to provide a safe, exciting, and scary new way to celebrate our favorite season from the comfort of our own cars,” said Black Vortex Cinema founder Christian Ackerman. “And we couldn’t be more happy to join forces with
Joe Bob on this. His wicked humor onscreen is the perfect counterbalance to the live scares that’ll be happening throughout!”

“I’m excited to bring the best short horror films you submit to drive-ins, but I take no responsibility for any zombie attacks,” added horror icon Joe Bob Briggs, who will act as the pre-recorded Master of Ceremonies of “Joe Bob’s Haunted Drive-In,” along with his “The Last Drive-In” sidekick Darcy the Mail Girl, and scream queen & actress Felissa Rose.

Set to take place over several nights, the unique event will blend the nostalgia of watching a drive-in fright film festival with a live, interactive haunt: as you and your friends watch Joe Bob, Darcy, and Felissa onscreen in the “Joe Bob’s Haunted Drive-in” film fest from the safety of your own car, the drive-in itself will become overrun by flesh-hungry ghouls fresh from a Halloween party, eager to terrorize you!

Tickets for “Joe Bob’s Haunted Drive-In” start at $99 per car. For more information, including soon-to-be-announced screening dates, special event packages, possible live appearances by Joe Bob, Darcy, Felissa and more, sign up for the email list at www.JoeBobsHauntedDriveIn.com now.

And as the anthology film at the center of “Joe Bob’s Haunted Drive-In” will consist of the cream-of-the-crop of short horror films by cutting-edge directors, all commented on by Joe Bob himself, Black Vortex Cinema is now accepting short horror film submissions for consideration, and at no charge, via their Film Freeway account.
The submission window does close on September 28, 2020 at 11:59PM PST, however, so for filmmakers who would like to possibly see their work up on the big screen as part of “Joe Bob’s Haunted Drive-In,” Black Vortex Cinema encourages them to submit now.

To join in the conversation,follow for updates, use the hashtag #JoeBobsHauntedDriveIn and give Black Vortex Cinema a “Like” on social media: Facebook,
Instagram @BlackVortexCinema and Twitter @BlackVortexCine

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