FAST X Reviews Are In

Fast X held its world premiere in Rome over the weekend and, with the premiere, the social media embargo on reviews expired. So what do a collection of online and print commentators have to say about this latest installment in the physics-denying Fast And Furious franchise? Well, read for yourself. Everyone seems to like Jason […]


Ron Howard usually turns out a good movie. You have movies like Willow, Cocoon, Splash, Back Draft, A Beautiful Mind, Rush, and The Da Vinci Code. In fact, the only thing he’s produced which wasn’t very good is Bryce (I kid!). He has a new movie going into production, Origin of Species. Origin of Species has […]

The Simpsons Goes Back to Clown School

This The Simpsons review contains spoilers. The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 21 If we’ve learned anything from The Simpsons, it is that clowns are funny. Homer went to Krusty’s Clown College in season 6 for “Homie the Clown.” We learn they can also be profitable in “Clown V. Board of Education,” which would have been […]