Greenwich Entertainment has released the trailer for “Close to You,” a new drama which will arrive in cinemas nationwide starting on August 16th.

Elliot Page (“The Umbrella Academy”) plays Sam, a man who hasn’t been home since his gender transition. After four years in Toronto, he takes a long-dreaded trip back to his hometown for his father’s birthday.

Once there, he confronts unresolved wounds and reconnects with an old flame. Hillary Back, Peter Outerbridge, Wendy Crewson, Janet Porter, Alex Paxton-Beesley, Daniel Maslany co-star in the film which is written and directed by Dominic Savage.

Next up comes the trailer for Guillem Morales’ “The Wasp” starring Naomie Harris and Natalie Dormer. Based on the play by Morgan Lloyd Malcom, it hits cinemas August 30th.

The story follows a woman in an abusive relationship when she reconnects with an estranged friend from school. As they talk, the woman decides that this friend would be the perfect person to kill her husband.

Third is “Mothers’ Instinct,” the 1960s-set Hitchcock-esque thriller which hits cinemas July 26th and VOD on August 13th.

The story follows two close female neighbors and friends (Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain) find their bond shattered after the son of one dies in a tragic accident. The other mother begins to believe that she is being targeted for revenge.

Finally there’s “Coup” which hits cinemas August 2nd and is set on an isolated seaside estate during the 1918 Spanish Flu. An entitled journalist (Billy Magnussen) and his socialite wife (Sarah Gadon) take in a mysterious grifter as a private cook (Peter Sarsgaard).

When the plague descends on the island, the wily cook rouses his fellow staff to rebel and take over the mansion. But is the cook’s coup part of a more sinister agenda?

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