With Superman (formerly Superman Legacy) currently filming in Cleveland, Ohio, photos are beginning to trickle out from the set, giving us a look not only at the film’s leading man, but also some of the other heroes poised to join him on screen. James Gunn’s take on the famous hero will feature appearances from Green Lantern (Nathan Fillion), Hawkgirl (Isabela Merced), and Mister Terrific (Edi Gathegi), the latter of which, we get to see in action beside David Corenswet’s Superman thanks to photos from @clevelanddotcom via DC Film News.

First look at Edi Gathegi’s MISTER TERRIFIC on the set of ‘SUPERMAN’

[📸 @clevelanddotcom] pic.twitter.com/FIqa2lAhNB

— DC Film News (@DCFilmNews) June 24, 2024

Superman and Mister Terrific… The DCU is going to cook! pic.twitter.com/rUvhSVusYI

— DC Film News (@DCFilmNews) June 24, 2024

Ok these Superman pics are great and all but where’s Lois Lane?! pic.twitter.com/HWyC94Okmo

— DC Film News (@DCFilmNews) June 24, 2024

Mister Terrific a.k.a. Michael Holt is considered the third-smartest man in the world after Batman and Lex Luthor, and is a member of the Justice Society. Though he possesses no meta-human capabilities, he is highly skilled in multiple STEM fields, and uses his expertise to create tech that allows him to fly, spy, attack, and keep himself invisible to all electronic forms of detection. He is also an incredibly skilled fighter, having obtained a black belt in six forms of martial arts.

Superman will only be Mister Terrific’s second appearance in live-action, and his first time on the big screen. The first iteration of the character was played by Echo Kellum in Arrow. Though his true identity in the series was Curtis Holt, rather than Michael Holt, Kellum’s version maintained much of the skillset and iconic costuming that has become synonymous with Michael Holt’s version of the character.

To fans of the character, Mister Terrific’s T-shaped face mask and leather jacket are just as iconic as Superman’s suit, and if these photos are any indication, it appears as though Superman is doing his look justice. If it looks this good in candid set photos, we can only imagine how good he’ll look on screen.

But if that weren’t enough, these set photos also capture another look at David Corenswet’s Superman suit, which looks even more vibrant in person than in the first look James Gunn posted back in May. 

David Corenset’s ‘SUPERMAN’ and Edi Gathegi’s ‘MISTER TERRIFIC’ on set!

[📸 @clevelanddotcom] pic.twitter.com/sGITWHVgpA

— DC Film News (@DCFilmNews) June 24, 2024

Best look at the S Shield on Superman’s cape! pic.twitter.com/KhTDKOrgf7

— DC Film News (@DCFilmNews) June 24, 2024

Though the look of both suits could very easily change on screen, a lighter, more vibrant Superman is a welcome addition to the DCEU in my book. Both heroes look incredible in whatever heroic scene they appear to be filming, and it will be exciting to see them in action when Superman drops next year.

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