Last weekend came the news that Max had cancelled its acclaimed Japan-set crime drama series “Tokyo Vice”.

The cancellation followed the series’ two-season run, with the second season scoring two extra episodes to wrap up storylines. Though the recent season finale serves as a perfectly functional series ender, there are threads that can be continued in further seasons.

Series creator and executive producer J.T. Rogers, along with director and executive producer Alan Poul, said last week that they had hoped to produce more and had more stories to tell.

Now, in the days following that announcement, the pair have spoken with Variety and say the decision to do more episodes comes down to production company and distributor Fifth Season, who partnered with Max on the project. Poul says:

“It’s worth remembering that Fifth Season sells the show internationally. Max exists in North America, most of South America and a few European territories, and the rest of the world is sold by our friends at Fifth Season. And they’ve sold very well. It’s been a global hit.

So we look to our partners. We haven’t even really put our heads together yet, because this is all very new. But there are many territories in Europe and Asia and Africa and Australia that still will want the show, and we have to see how our partners, Fifth Season, are going to prepare to respond to them.”

Though they don’t have any new information regarding specific deals, they say they intend to keep building their worlds and stories in the hopes of moving forward. Poul adds that: “We don’t accept the condolences yet.”

The two existing seasons are airing on Max.

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