Following the penultimate episode of the season yesterday, The BBC has now unveiled the brief trailer for the season finale of “Doctor Who”.


The episode continues on from the first part of the two-parter which revealed the return of the villain Sutekh from the 1970s serial “Pyramids of Mars”.

This time they’re in the form of a giant CG jackal and possessed people as opposed to a black and red-robed figure, though they are played by the same voice actor with 91-year-old Gabriel Woolf reprising his role.

The brief clip teases its own mysteries with someone seemingly controlling the TARDIS that’s not The Doctor (Gatwa or Tennant) or Ruby, and another robed figure – this one in yellow robes walking a desolate landscape towards the TARDIS.

Said figure appears to be female, and indeed the official synopsis for the episode says: “The Doctor has lost, his ageless enemy reigns supreme, and a shadow is falling over creation. Nothing can stop the devastation… except, perhaps, one woman.”

“Doctor Who” airs its season finale on June 22nd. The show’s next season has already wrapped production ahead of a 2025 airing.

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