Though their figures are several weeks behind actual time, newly released data from ratings giant Nielsen have confirmed that Amazon’s “Fallout” TV series has been the streamer’s biggest launch ever.

In the show’s third week of availability from April 22nd-28th, the video game adaptation scored 1.5 billion viewing minutes across all eight episodes.

That was comfortably above all other titles available – the next nearest being “Bluey” with 1.341 billion viewing minutes.

As a result of this win, it has nlw become the only Amazon Prime Video series to ever be in the top spot on Nielsen’s streaming list three times, consecutively or otherwise.

That’s something even rival “Reacher” has been unable to do, and it pays off Amazon’s decision to release the series as a binge-watch rather than a weekly release.

Other new titles that fared well were “Baby Reindeer” with 915 million viewing minutes, “Dead Boy Detectives” with 633 million viewing minutes, and the finale of “Shōgun” which pulled in 608 million viewing minutes.

Source: TV Line

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