Charlie Theron was the Atomic Blonde in the movie from 2017. The movie took just over $100 mill at the box office, which begs the question, where is the sequel?

Kurt Johnstad, the writer of Atomic Blonde, isn’t sure where the sequel is or if there are any more planned after that. In a recent interview with CinemaBlend, he said that he wanted the movie to be a trilogy:

“To me, I always said that’s a trilogy. You could tell three of those, and I hope they crack it. If they need some help, they know where to find me.“

After the initial success of the first movie, Theron announced a sequel was in the works a year later. That was in 2018 and still, nothing. Johnstad hasn’t heard anything, saying:

“They may have gone to another writer, they may have a draft.“

That would be pretty annoying if they did that to him, but this is Hollywood baby. A sequel is being developed by Netflix, but it’s going at a slow pace. Theron said they were talking to Scott Stuber, Head of Original Films at Netflix, and he was really interested. That was four years ago.

Atomic Blonde starred Theron as an undercover MI6 agent, sent to Berlin during the cold war. There she investigates the murder of a fellow agent and has to recover a missing list of double agents. I have seen it, but I couldn’t tell you all that much about it now, apart from the brutal fights.

Are you interested in seeing an Atomic Blonde sequel or trilogy?

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