In a shock move that has left Hollywood reeling, Quentin Tarantino has scrapped his own movie. He was deep into preparations on The Movie Critic and was planning to shoot this August in California. He told The Hollywood Reporter that it is no longer happening, and he is backing away from the project.

Instead, he is back to square one as far as creating his next, potentially final, movie.

The film was to be set in 1977 California and was inspired by his own experiences growing up as the reader of movie reviews by a cynical movie critic who would write for adult magazines.

The rumors included reports that recreations of movies from the era would be filmed for some scenes, including Paul Schrader’s Rolling Thunder. The report said that in the process of creating the movie, it had actually morphed into something else entirely and even was to feature Brad Pitt reprising his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood role of Cliff Booth.

As this happened, Tarantino found himself turning away from the project and had a change of heart. He now is going to do something else entirely and The Movie Critic is dead.

The California Tax Credit based on shooting in California in August will therefore likely be lost.

This could also add credence to the idea that this would be Tarantino’s final film, as he clearly would not want to bow out with something he was not 100% committed to.

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