Rebecca Ferguson Talks Set Story Fallout

“Mission: Impossible,” “Dune” and “Silo” star Rebecca Ferguson is known for her frankness and playfulness in interviews, making her someone whose great to see in interviews because she speaks her mind. She made headlines back in late February whilst promoting “Dune: Part Two” when she was asked during an interview

Hiddleston Uncertain Of Loki’s Future

The second season finale of “Loki” effectively served as a series ending – whereas the first season finished on a cliffhanger, this was a fairly definitive end for the show and character’s journey. Marvel being Marvel however means we likely haven’t seen the last of Tom Hiddleston’s character. Where he

“Silo” May Film Seasons 3 & 4 Together?

Following much critical acclaim and strong numbers, it was understandable that Apple TV+ renewed its Rebecca Ferguson-led big-budget sci-fi drama series “Silo” even before its first season had finished its run. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity survives in a giant underground silo, tackling the mysteries

Filming Begins On “Peacemaker” S2

When John Cena revealed at WrestleMania the other day that they’re about to begin shooting the second season of “Peacemaker” soon, it turns out he meant real soon. Filmmaker James Gunn has confirmed in a posting on Instagram that production has officially begun on the new “Peacemaker” run with a

“Civil War” Ignites The Box-Office

Alex Garland’s “Civil War” performed strongly at the box-office on Friday, taking in a massive $10.8 million opening day and looking set to beat expectations. Budgeted at $50 million, the film is headed for a $25-27 million domestic opening this weekend and will easily take the top spot. It marks