Lionsgate went big for their CinemaCon showcase and featured a large assortment of movies, stars, and announcements.

Naruto, Monopoly, and Blair Witch were all Announced and stars including Henry Cavill, Eli Roth, Halle Berry, and Ariana Greenblatt took the stage along with video segments from cast members on location around the world and a brief discussion on the rebooted “Highlander”.

Some of the many films to get a reveal and/or nee footage reveals included….

“In the Grey”


“The Crow”



While that was just the tip of the proverbial Iceberg as Aziz Ansari revealed his “Good Fortune: film that he wore four hats on and gave us an extended look at the Seth Rogan, Keanu Reeves comedy about a down and out man who swaps places with a rich man and the Guardian Angel in the mix.

There was also a reveal for “Flight Risk” which is directed by Mel Gibson and stars Mark Wahlberg  and Topher Grace about a Federal Witness trapped on a character flight with an Assassin who is masquerading as the pilot with the Federal Marshall in a deadly game of wits and survival.

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