A biopic is due out about Bob Dylan, entitled A Complete Unknown. Production has started on the new movie, starring Timothy Chalamet and directed by James Mangold.

The story will follow Dylan’s rise to fame in the New York folk music scene during the 1960s. The singer-songwriter was born in Minnesota but moved to New York with hopes of becoming a music star. The plot is:

At the Newport Folk Festival in 1965, a young Bob Dylan shakes up his act on the folk music scene by going electric and siring rock as the voice of a generation – defining one of the most transformative moments in 20th century music.

Alongside Chalamet, A Complete Unknown stars Monica Barbaro, Elle Fanning, Edward Norton, Boyd Holbrock, Scoot McNairy, Dan Fogler and Joe Tippett. Mangold is directing and writing the movie with Jay Cocks.

Images from A Complete Unknown are popping up online, with Chalamet as Dlyan.

Chalamet as Dylan

Chalamet and Mangold on set

That’s not bad, I’m not a huge Dylan fan, but you can see it really looks like Dylan. Mangold took to social media to show a shot from the movie. The production design does look excellent.

Photo by JM w/ Leica SL3
Summicron-SL APO 50mm
2.8 1/160 ISO 12500@searchlightpics pic.twitter.com/Gm1P4rtenp

— Mangold (@mang0ld) March 27, 2024

Mangold told the Happy Sad Confused podcast last year, as production was starting:

“The best true-life movies are never cradle to grave but they’re about a very specific moment. It’s a kind of ensemble piece about this moment in time, the early ’60s in New York, and this 17-year-old kid with $16 in his pockets hitchhikes his way to New York to meet Woody Guthrie who is in the hospital and is dying of a nerve disease. He sings Woody a song that he wrote for him and befriends Pete Seeger, who is like a son to Woody, and Pete sets him up with gigs at local clubs and there you meet Joan Baez and all these other people who are part of this world.”

Are you interested in a Bob Dylan biopic? A Complete Unknown has no released date yet but thought to be later this year.

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