The first logo for Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” sequel has been spotted as part of a display going up for CinemaCon in Las Vegas next week.

The annual exhibitor’s convention brings with it major news and announcements from the various studios, including Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Sony, and Paramount.

The first footage from the long-awaited follow-up to Scott’s Oscar-winning 2000 swords-and-sandals epic is expected to debut at the event as part of the Paramount panel on April 11th.

Unlike ComicCon or other events, CinemaCon rarely sees any simultaneous trailer launches so the most likely reveals next week from the film will be footage descriptions and first-look images or artwork.

Paul Mescal plays a grown-up version of the child Lucius, son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen), from the first film. It will unfold around the early 3rd century AD when brothers Caracalla (Joseph Quinn) and Geta (Fred Hechinger) jointly ruled as Emperors until the bloodthirsty tyrant Caracalla ordered Geta’s murder.

The film also stars Denzel Washington as a former gladiator who won his freedom and is now rich – but still holds a grudge. Pedro Pascal, Djimon Hounsou, Matt Lucas and Derek Jacobi co-star.

“Gladiator II” is set to release in cinemas at Thanksgiving.

EXCLUSIVO! Primeira arte de #Gladiador2 aqui na #CinemaCon em Las Vegas.

O primeiro trailer pode ser exibido aqui no painel da Paramount, dia 11 de abril!

Fica ligado que traremos a cobertura COMPLETA…

— CinePOP (@cinepop) April 6, 2024

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