These days, several streaming apps incorporate advertising whenever you hit pause during playback of an episode, movie or video. Roku may be taking that further.

According to Lowpass (via VGC), a patent application by the streaming TV company indicates it’s looking into injecting ads into the video feeds of third-party media devices (attached by HDMI) that are connected to its branded smart TVs.

Those ads would then come up whenever content is paused on what they describe as a “media device [that] provides media content and/or a control signal”. That description could include streaming boxes and game consoles, possibly more. As the outlet describes it:

“This way, when an owner of a Roku TV takes a short break from playing a game on their Xbox, or streaming something on an Apple TV device connected to the TV set, Roku would use that break to show ads.”

That’s not all though. The filing indicates the system will be able to analyse the content that is paused and then determine relevant advertising to be displayed. One could theoretically pause a playback of “Chicken Run” and get an ad for KFC for example.

Tech companies regularly patent ideas that go unused. Should said patent be granted, the tech would potentially be used on Roku’s branded smart TVs.

Sources: Lowpass,VGC

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