It’s no secret that Chevy Chase won’t be involved in the “Community” film.

The comedic actor and former co-star on the series was fired during the fourth season after using a racial slur on set which followed on from problematic set behavior and clashes with creator Dan Harmon.

Two further seasons followed without Chase, and now a film is on the way reuniting basically the entire cast… except for Chase.

Speaking with The Post (via Indiewire), the show’s lead star Joel McHale was asked about a potential Chase return to which he says:

“I don’t think he’s allowed to [return]. I don’t think it would happen. I don’t think it is a thing. Obviously his unceremonious departure in Season 4 pretty much did that in. I’m guessing if you asked him, he wouldn’t be interested.”

McHale also offered an update on the film’s status, saying it’s a go but working out the schedule is the key now:

“I know that we’ve been saying stuff about it. But we have a budget. We are going to do it – it’s just getting the date and lining everybody up. It’s going to happen. I was 50/50, less than 50/50 a couple years ago. But now, it’s real. So we just have to get the dates down.”

The film, whenever it does get made, will be released via the Peacock streaming service.

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