HBO abruptly cancelled several series in 2022, most notably its high-profile sci-fi series “Westworld” which was briefly the network’s big-budget flagship show in its first season.

Ratings and interest in the series slid quickly, and the network opted to cancel the series with only four of five planned seasons aired. The end was said to be due to low ratings and cost-cutting measures, with the network then selling it off to AVOD platforms.

Co-creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan moved on first to Amazon’s “The Peripheral” and now the upcoming series adaptation of the “Fallout” video game franchise.

Out promoting that series, Nolan says he still wants to do a fifth and final season and finish the story. When asked if he and Joy want to make the show’s original ending by EW, he responds:

“Yes. 100%. We’re completionists. It took me eight years and a change of director to get ‘Interstellar’ made. We’d like to finish the story we started.

I’m so f—ing proud of what we made. It was an extraordinary experience. I think it would be a mistake to look back and only feel regret. But there’s still very much a desire to finish it.”

HBO have already moved on with numerous other shows like “The Last of Us,” “The White Lotus” and “House of the Dragon” dominating the cultural landscape.

Meanwhile, Amazon will release its “Fallout” series on April 11th.

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