Marvel Studios’ “Daredevil: Born Again” has seemingly wrapped filming according to a posting from the Central Casting Instagram account (via Forbes.

That post shows a photo of the show’s casting directors alongside actor Charlie Cox at the show’s official wrap party, adding “Congrats on wrapping this production”.

Wrap parties can take place before the official end of principal photography, but even so this means at least that shooting is either done or about to complete.

The move to post-production follows after two strikes and a creative reset of the series which saw it majorly retooled. Though originally planned as eighteen episodes, post-reset it’s not clear how many the new run will consist of.

Filming initially began in February and was slated to last until the year’s end in December until filming was halted in June due to the writer’s strike. Reviewing what they had and opting for a retooling, production then resumed in January this year.

How much of the pre-strike footage was salvaged for the new season isn’t clear but more details are expected to be forthcoming in the lead up to the show’s airing next year.

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