The hits to the game industry just keep on coming.

Following Microsoft and Sony recently making big cuts to their workforce as part of company restructuring, Electronic Arts is doing the same.

It’s expected around 5% of EA’s workforce (nearly 700 people) will be laid off, and there will be a reduction in developing games based on licensed IP.

As a part of that move, a first-person video game from Respawn Entertainment (“Titanfall”), set within the world of “Star Wars” and following a Mandalorian, has reportedly been cancelled. The company is now focusing on more titles in its “Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order” and “Apex Legends” franchises.

EA has been moving away from licensed IP for a while, so the news is not entirely unexpected. Even so, those working on the game were reportedly shocked by the news as several levels and a vertical slice of it was already completed.

The fast-paced game would’ve seen players take on the role of a Mandalorian bounty hunter traversing the galaxy to capture bounties. It was being steered by LucasArts veteran Peter Hirschmann who worked on the original “Battlefront” games and “The Force Unleashed” titles.

That’s not the only cut though as EA has also closed Ridgeline Games, the relatively recently formed studio that was working on a future “Battlefield” single-player game.

That campaign title will now be overseen by Criterion Games (“Need for Speed Unbound”) whilst some Ridgeline staff will move to Ripple Effect which is working on a future “Battlefield” multiplayer title.

Source: Insider Gaming, VGC

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