Comic book author Brian Michael Bendis has reportedly set a first-look deal with Amazon and is developing three TV series based on his works under said deal – “Jinx,” “Murder Inc.” and “Pearl”.

“Jinx” is dubbed a crime-ridden love story unfolding on a high stakes treasure hunt for missing mob money. A trio of characters – retiring bounty hunter Jinx Alameda, charming conman Goldfish, and loose cannon Columbia – find their paths intertwining in an unpredictable misadventure.

“Jinx” is executive produced by Bendis along with showrunners Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon (“Star Trek: Picard,” “Unbelievable”).

“Murder Inc.” unfolds in an alternate world where the mob never lost its stranglehold on the country. Valentine Gallo finds his first task for them ending in an explosion, putting him on the run from rival gangsters and the CIA. His young hitwoman supervisor Jagger Rose has also wound up with a target on her back.

Bendis and Michael Oeming (“Powers”) executive produce whilst Tze Chun (“I’m a Virgo”) is set as showrunner.

“Pearl” follows Pearl Tanaka, a Japanese American with albinism born into a world ruled by the American yakuza. Now she uses her unequaled skills as a tattoo artist to make an honest living in San Francisco. She saves the life of another artist, inadvertently igniting a deadly gang war.

Bendis executive produces alongside series co-creator Michael Gaydos (“Jessica Jones”) and showrunner Chris Collins (“The Man in the High Castle”).

Bendis is best known for co-creating Marvel and DC characters like Miles Morales, Jessica Jones, Maria Hill and Riri Williams.

Source: Variety

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