There have been rumors of a Babylon 5 reboot, re-launch, or continuation story for decades now. The 1990s sci-fi is well-loved, with a dedicated fanbase. You would think that some kind of revisit would be an easy win for a streaming service.

It looked promising quite recently. A reboot of Babylon 5 was on the cards because the CEO of CW, the excellently named Mark Pedowitz, was a huge fan of the property.

Then the CW was sold to Nexstar and everything seemingly came to a halt. Original series creator J. Michael Straczynski has posted on X, in a post that was since deleted, where he assured fans things are still moving forward:

“Since Warners believes in the project, they negotiated the script back from CW to sell elsewhere. They had to bring it to broadcast networks first but we all knew that wouldn’t be their thing and were about to take it to streamers when the Paramount+ merger put this on hold until that’s worked out.

Also, the streamers are all reconsidering their business models, budgets, genres, and other stuff, so all submissions are kinda dead right now. Word around town is these issues should be figured out in 6-8 weeks, then they’ll hear pitches/pilots.”

This new Babylon 5 is said to be a full reboot with John Sheridan again as the lead, based upon the neutral five-mile-long space station in neutral space as officers and key ambassadors onboard maintain an uneasy peace between the five major races of the galaxy.

The computer-generated VFX of the original series was groundbreaking at the time.

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