The buzz surrounding Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune: Part II” continues to rise as indications are a few people have now seen it and the verdict is nothing short of spectacular.

Whereas the first “Dune” got through much of the exposition of the story, the second part is being touted as more action-packed, larger scale and more emotional.

One person who has seen it is filmmaker Christopher Nolan who, during a screening interview the other day, gave one flattering comparison:

“If, to me, Dune was like ‘Star Wars’, then ‘Dune 2’ is ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ which is my favorite ‘Star Wars’ film. I think it’s just a great expansion of all that was introduced in the first one.”

The comments come as early box-office projections for the film have come in with the movie tipped to open around $75-100 million depending upon sources – a jump from the $41 million the first movie debuted to – though that faced COVID protocols and a hybrid theatrical/HBO Max release.

Pre-sales for the film, especially in premium formats such as IMAX, have been very strong and pacing similarly to the first film during initial sales days.

It also benefits from the lack of tentpoles in the marketplace as, short of kids films like “Kung Fu Panda 4,” the film has three weeks without any major competition until “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” on March 22nd.

The 166-minute “Dune: Part Two” opens in cinemas on March 1st.

Source: Twitter, Box-Office Pro

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