While Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League makes it fairly easy to swap between the game’s four playable characters, many players will likely end up with a “main” character. Whether you’re playing with others and have to choose a character or just want to focus on building one character at a time, you’ll likely spend more time as one member of the squad than the others.

But who is the best character in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? Well, the answer to that question can sometimes depend on what gear you have, the situation, and your personal preferences, but there are enough innate differences between the game’s four playable characters to give some natural advantages and disadvantages. So, barring some updates that fundamentally alter the squad members, here is every playable character in Kill the Justice League ranked worst to best:

4. Harley Quinn

Harley is an odd character. She seems to be mechanically designed around her baseball bat, which means that she often needs to deal damage from close ranges. While she’s certainly not limited to melee attacks (though she has some of the best melee attacks in the game), her preferred arsenal often requires you to get in a little closer than some other members of the team usually need to. Ideally, you’ll treat Harley as an aggressive character who is constantly on the offensive and bouncing between new targets. She plays like the loose cannon Harley herself often is. 

And that’s where the problems with Harley start. For as thematically appropriate as Harely’s style of play is, she’s severely limited by her preferred traversal method: a modified version of Batman’s grappling hook combined with a Bat Drone. It’s a familiar form of movement, but it’s not nearly as reliable in Kill the Justice League as it was in the Arkham games. You often need to stay on the move in Kill the Justice League, and Harley sometimes struggles to find proper grapple points in the middle of larger combat areas. You can mitigate that drawback through some of her cooldowns and learning how to use them, but it rarely feels as smooth or reliable as the movement options available to most other characters. 

More than an annoyance, those movement issues sometimes limit Harley’s ability to effectively stay on the offensive. Again, she’s not completely helpless at a distance, but it can be surprisingly difficult to get the most out of her best abilities that demand aggressiveness. Her high-end potential is there (especially as you unlock more of her explosive skills), but her learning curve feels…off relative to the payoff when you compare Harley to the other playable characters. 

3. Deadshot

Unlike Harley Quinn, Deadshot is remarkably easy to pick up and play. In fact, between his incredible combination of devastating melee abilities, long-range weapons, and access to a versatile traversal device (a jetpack), Deadshot initially appears to be the best character in the game. 

However, the key word there is “initially.” For as diverse as Deadshot is at the beginning of the game, he doesn’t scale quite as well as some of the other characters once you start investing points into his abilities. A surprising amount of Deadshot’s late-game skills actually revolve around applying debuffs to enemies. Granted, those abilities are undeniably useful, especially if you’re playing Kill the Justice League with others. Unfortunately, they often don’t do enough for Deadshot himself who is sometimes relegated to picking off enemies at a distance while managing his jetpack cooldown and looking for critical strikes. It’s a viable (and potentially fun) way to play, but Deadshot never really acquires the AoE abilities or devastating damage skills that some other characters eventually gain access to.

Deadshot is invaluable in a group and incredibly easy to learn. As you spend some more time with the game, though, you may find yourself wistfully watching some of his teammates bring some slightly more unique and devastating talents to the party. 

2. King Shark

Kill the Justice League is certainly not an RPG, but King Shark is clearly intended to be the game’s tank. He boasts the best natural defenses in the game, and he often finds himself at the frontlines of most fights using his melee strikes and other close-range weapons to tear through enemies.

Unlike Harley Quinn, though, King Shark benefits from both his tank-like regenerative and defensive abilities as well as his incredible traversal skills. In fact, King Shark’s traversal methods nearly earned him the top spot on this list. Unlike other Kill the Justice League characters, King Shark doesn’t need to rely on some kind of gadget to get around. He simply uses his incredible natural strength to jump high in the air and dash around while he’s there. There are still cooldowns associated with those abilities, but they offer King Shark some of the most reliable and versatile movement skills in the game. More importantly, King Shark can often turn those movement abilities into devastating opening strikes that include a powerful AoE attack. 

Yes, King Shark’s relative lack of range attacks can be annoying, but in a game that often asks you to stay on the move, his ability to consistently turn traversal into immediate damage is often hard to replace. King Shark is an absolute wrecking ball whose aggressive style of play also unlocks some of the fun that Kill the Justice League’s combat sometimes organically lacks. 

1. Captain Boomerang

Yes, it’s a shame that Kill the Justice League doesn’t try to do more with Captain Boomerang’s…well, boomerang and instead often throws a gun in his hands like every other character. However, he is still the best (and most enjoyable) character in Kill the Justice League.

Captain Boomerang’s ability to essentially teleport between locations via his Speedforce Gauntlet-assisted boomerang puts him in a league of his own. Nobody moves around the battlefield as quickly as Captain Boomerang, which is quite handy considering that some of Boomerang’s most powerful attacks require him to hit and move at slightly closer ranges. Yet, despite having access to some of the best melee abilities in the game, Boomerang is also the only other character in the game that can use sniper rifles. That makes it surprisingly easy for him to consistently operate from a variety of ranges, which is something that Deadshot sometimes struggles with. Captain Boomerang also quickly builds damage amplifying momentum with all of his attacks, which makes him significantly more effective as a solo character simply looking to deal as much damage as possible. 

Learning to effectively play as Captain Boomerang is certainly a challenge, but the rewards are more than worth it. There are times when he really does combine some of the best aspects of the rest of the squad. 

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