Developer Rocksteady Studios was forced to pull its early access release of “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” after only one hour.

The studio took the servers offline after players experienced a bug that led to them automatically completing the game after they logged in for the first time.

In the hours since, Rocksteady says it has discovered the cause of the issue and is testing a fix to resolve it. The move cuts into the 72 hours early access to the title that is the main draw of its more expensive Deluxe Edition.

The online co-op game has undergone many delays over the years but is now finally arriving on February 2nd. Whilst reviews aren’t out yet, some were able to play a few hours of the title earlier this month and didn’t have great things to say.

Indeed, the game hasn’t ever really recovered from its first gameplay tease back in February last year which led to a flood of negative response to the live service aspects of the title – a far cry from the acclaimed single player Rocksteady made its name on.

Warner Bros. Games and Rocksteady have subsequently downplayed the live service aspects of the title, but many still remain cautious of it – fearing another “Gotham Knights” disappointment – and so are awaiting reviews.

Source: VGC

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