“Captain Underpants” creator Dav Pilkey’s beloved book series “Dog Man” is becoming a new DreamWorks Animation feature at Universal Pictures.

In fact, the project has already set a release date with a January 31st 2025 release planned. The film has no competitors yet on the release calendar and was previously listed as an untitled DreamWorks film.

Emmy winner Peter Hastings helms the film which begins when a dog and a police officer are injured together on the job. A life-saving surgery thereafter changes the course of history when Dog Man is born – half dog, half man.

Dog Man is sworn to protect and serve – as long as he isn’t distracted by squirrels – as he doggedly pursues his arch-nemesis: the feline supervillain Petey the Cat.

The rivalry between Dog Man and Petey is upended by the arrival of an adorable kitten clone of Petey, Lil Petey, who changes the game for both of them.

The books launched in 2016 with a twelfth title in the series arriving in March. The series has been translated into 45 languages, selling more than 60 million copies in print to date.

Source: The Wrap

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