The Looming is a deeply rooted horror that is both thought-provoking and spine-tingling, an exquisitely crafted vehicle for the talent of writer/director Masha Ko

It opens with Chester (Joseph Lopez), an elderly man living alone, waking up in the tub. A jolt startles him, and he fears something or someone is in his house. His virtual home assistant speaker, Luna, picks up the sounds too.

Something is looming, strange occurrences cause him to wonder if it’s his mental health or something more. His concerns aren’t taken seriously by his coworkers, as what’s lurking continues to grow in intensity. 

This quietly powerful horror is one of immense effect. Masha Ko wrote and directed the short and it’s visually stunning, with shots and angles that heighten the fear while the performance delivers on our lead’s psychological pain. 

Elegantly filmed, crafted with psychological horror and a chilling insight into ageism, and a heartbreakingly effective portrayal, The Looming is a masterful use of atmosphere and direction. 

Multi-talented artist Masha Ko recently won the Sundance Jury Award for Best Short Film Director at this year’s Film Festival. I sat down to discuss the intention and origin of the short The Looming, her connection to her audience, and much more!

We want to thank Masha Ko for taking the time to speak with us. 

Listen to the full interview below:

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