Kevin Smith’s five-episode “Masters of the Universe: Revolution” released this past Thursday on Netflix, a follow-up to his ten-episode “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” sequel series from back in 2021.

The results so far have been very good. The series premiered with a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a solid 7.5/10 average rating, whilst the audience score was at 82% (4.2/5). That’s far higher than the 94% (7.2/10) critics and 38% (2.3/5) score the first part of ‘Revelation’ scored.


The new season sees Skeletor (Mark Hamill) returning – aided by technology to better aid his current masters Motherboard (Meg Foster) and Hordak (Keith David).

Foster of course played Evil-Lyn in the infamous Cannon Group “Masters of the Universe” live-action film in 1987, but that’s not the only link to the movie.

The new season also sees Man-At-Arms and Orko visiting a character named Gwildor, a character originally introduced in the film. The scene includes a conversation in which Gwildor asks Man-At-Arms to remember the time that they “traveled across the universe together”.

It’s not a flat out confirmation that the events of the live-action film took place, but strongly suggests they are a part of the show’s continuity.

Unlike with ‘Revelation’, there is no second batch of five episodes on the way – ‘Revolution’ is designed as a five-episode series. However the show does contain two post-credits scenes that tease more to come if the demand is there.


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