For all the ways that Palworld‘s defenders can’t wait to tell you how much the game isn’t a Pokémon rip-off, the smash-hit survival game shares more than a few qualities with Nintendo’s famous franchise. Said similarities include the ability to capture Legendary creatures.

While Palworld‘s initial roster of Legendary Pals is quite small, it’s going to take you a while to catch all of them. That’s because they are Level 50 behemoths that require the right counters, the right resources, and the right strategies to capture. Of course, you also need to know where to find them in the first place.


As the name implies, Frostallion is an Ice-based Pal who brings some powerful frozen abilities to any party. While there really isn’t a notable shortage of Ice-based Pals in Palworld, Frostallion will almost certainly be your best option in that category whenever you need it. Frostallion also looks great, which doesn’t offer any strategic advantages, but it also doesn’t hurt. Even better, Frostallion is one of the fastest flying mounts in the game.

Palworld: Where to Find and How to Catch Frostallion

You can catch Frostaillion at the -357, 516 coordinates near the Land of Absolute Zero Teleportation Point. You’ll obviously want to bring a Fire-type Pal to help you in the fight, but don’t rely entirely on the advantages that Pal will offer. Frostaillion puts up a tough fight and should only be challenged by high-level and properly equipped players. 


One of the coolest (and best) Legendary Pals in the game, Jetragon is a Dragon-type Pal that brings a lot to the party. Not only does he offer those incredible Dragon-type abilities that are typically valuable in Palworld, but he doubles as an incredibly fast flying mount who can actually launch missiles while you’re using him as a mount. It’s pretty cool. 

Palworld: Where to Find and How to Catch Jetragon

You can find Jetragon just North of the Beach of Everlasting Summer Teleportation Point around the -790, -320 coordinates on the map. An Ice-type Pal will definitely help you in this fight, but the bigger problem you’ll have to deal with is the environment that Jetragon is in. It’s a fairly open space that offers few places to run or hide, which means you’ll really need to be able to stay in the fight. 


Necromus certainly looks the part of a Dark-type Pal. He not only brings some incredibly powerful Dark-type abilities to the party but he is a rideable mount who can double-jump across the environment. It might not sound like much, but you’d be surprised by how handy that skill can be when you really need it most. 

Palworld: Where to Find and How to Catch Necromus

The good news is that you can easily find Necromus just slightly northwest of the Deep Sand Dunes Teleportation Point around the 445, 680 coordinates on your map. The good news is that you can bring a Dragon to help you with this fight, and Necromus isn’t nearly as powerful as some of the other Legendary Pals. The bad news is that Necromus is not alone…


Paldius is a powerful Neutral-type Pal who also happens to be best friends with Necromus. Yes, you have to fight both of those Pals at the same time, which helps explain why they are individually weaker than many of the other Legendary Pals in the game. While Paladius’ Neutral tag is honestly kind of a disadvantage most of the time, his ability to triple jump while mounted is incredibly valuable. 

Palworld: Where to Find and How to Catch Paldius

As noted above, Paldius can be found at the Deep Sand Dunes Teleportation Point around the 445, 680 coordinates on your map right next to Necromus. 

Taking these two on can be a real challenge. There is no one Pal-type that has an advantage against both, which means you are going to have to focus on defeating one at a time. So far as that goes, your best bet is to try to isolate Paldius from Necromus if you’re able to do so. If that’s not an option, then you really should just try to focus on one Pal, capture them, and then get out of the fight to regroup. Again, it’s possible to fight both at the same time, but there is very little reason to do so unless you’re really confident in your abilities and want to test them. 

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