Universal Pictures has reportedly hired original “Jurassic Park” scribe David Koepp to pen the script for an all-new “Jurassic World” film.

THR broke the news, saying the project is already deep into the development stage and a script is in enough of a “well-liked shape” that the studio could be aiming to go into production as early as this year for a 2025 release.

At present there is no director on board, but veteran producers Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley are back producing and Steven Spielberg will executive produce.

What form the film will take is unclear but is said to be a ‘new era’ with an all-new storyline, thus not involving either “Jurassic World” leads Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, or returning “Jurassic Park” stars like Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum.

It is using the “Jurassic World” title though suggesting this isn’t a reboot and will continue beyond the events of “Jurassic World: Dominion” two years ago.

Six movies have been made on the ‘Jurassic’ franchise over the span of three decades, earning more than $6 billion worldwide.

Source: THR

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