Hola Outposters! I have the first Vs of 2024 for you and this one is Latino-tastic!

By now you would have seen my Twins review. This got me thinking about all the hot chicks Arnie has starred alongside over his career and one that stands out is María Conchita Alonso.

She famously hid a role of film in The Running Man that she told Arnie to mind his own business about. She was also in the underappreciated Predator 2, yes I know that’s a tenuous link to Arnie.



What I didn’t mention in my review of Twins was that after it was finished, I continued to channel surf and caught the start of the second half of From Dusk Till Dawn, just as Salma Hayek took to the stage for THAT scene. And El Bingo, a new Vs was born.

Both of these woman just ooze sex appeal and I’m sure that when we were all young skalliwags, we thought long and hard about eating tacos. So without further ado, let’s do this!



Tale Of The Tape

I’ve based their age and body stats when Alonson was in The Running Man and Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn.


The Big Question

I don’t need to harp on about these women. Alonso in the 1980s was probably at the forefront of many of our adolescent fantasies.



And Hayek a decade later when we were rife with testosterone and thought ourselves invincible. We naively thought we would stand a chance with her given the opportunity. Oh, the innocence of youth!



So, who do you want to sip tequilas with at a beachside bar before heading back to your place and testing to see if Latino women are as hot and spicy as their reputation portends?


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