WEBTOON is continuing its popular practice of converting web novels from Aethon Books into webcomics that can be enjoyed on a new level!

“Today, WEBTOON announced an expansion of its partnership with publisher Aethon Books, adapting a slate of 14 popular web novels as webcomics… The new adaptations will introduce more popular web fiction titles to readers within WEBTOON’s massive digital community and offer existing fans a visual retelling of these popular titles in the platform’s vertical scroll format.”

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Twenty-five years ago, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace had hungry fans scrambling to recapture the original trilogy’s excitement surrounding collectible action figures.

“The galaxy far, far away was about to explode with the arrival of The Phantom Menace. And actually, a few weeks earlier, the explosion had already begun in pretty much every store and toy aisle across America and beyond… Things reached a fever pitch on May 6, 1999: at midnight across the U.S., stores opened to hordes of fans eager to get their hands on the merchandise for a brand new Star Wars movie, for the first time in 16 years.”

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Many eyes watched the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, coming in 2025, but it still ranks second in number of views to an unexpected champion. 

GTA 6‘s debut trailer quickly overtook the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 but has now overtaken Minecraft to become the second most-watched video game trailer of all time. The GTA 6 trailer is still far from the top spot though, which is held by a rather surprising title.”

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Seth MacFarlane wanted the Ted TV series to have a similar look to the movie ten years ago, but advancements in technology necessitated starting from scratch.

“In reviving Ted, visual effects supervisor Blair Clark had one focus — to make sure the bear didn’t look different in the prequel series… Since over 10 years had passed, technological advances meant the assets were outdated, and everything needed to be rebuilt to get Ted and MacFarlane ready for television.”

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Famed co-creator of Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan, won a fierce bidding war to adapt S.C. Gwynne’s book about the Comanche tribe, Empire of the Summer Moon.

“A long-standing passion project of Sheridan’s since back when the project was set up at Warner Bros, the book is an exhaustive historical account of the four-decade struggle between the Comanche tribe and white settlers to control the American West. Quanah was considered its greatest chief.”

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