The Jonathan Majors-led bodybuilder drama “Magazine Dreams” is reportedly back on the market.

The project was acquired nearly a year ago, hot after it debuted to great fanfare last January at Sundance with rave reviews gushing about Majors’ performance and about the film’s director Elijah Bynum.

Disney-owned Searchlight Pictures snagged the film back then and likely had awards hopes for it. Now, the rights have been quietly returned to the filmmakers who will be able to shop it around to other buyers.

The release of the film’s distribution rights comes in the wake of Majors being convicted of assault and harassment the other week. Majors awaits sentencing taking place on February 6th.

Reports last year indicate Bynum was suppored to “fine tune a cut of the feature for its theatrical release”. It’s now known if any work was begun on the new cut.

Searchlight already removed the film from its release calendar prior to the Majors trial.

Source: THR

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