A game show based on the iconic Chuck E. Cheese pizza time theater restaurant chain is in the works.

Magical Elves, the company behind the “Top Chef” franchise amongst others, is planning the series in which adults compete in larger versions of games they played as kids.

According to the synopsis, the format will feature stand-alone comedic physical challenges where duos of ‘big kids’ (a.k.a. adults) will compete over supersized arcade games – including pinball, air hockey, alley roller and the human claw.

The duo who earns the most tickets gets the chance to exchange their tickets for prizes off the massive version of the Chuck E. Cheese prize wall.

Founded in 1977 by Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell, Chuck E. Cheese is still operating in 567 locations across the United States even with its various struggles over the years.

Restaurants featured arcade games, amusement rides and musical shows in addition to serving pizza and other food. There were also ball pits, crawl tubes, and animatronic shows.

Source: TV Line

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