Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow and Heyday Films’ “Wonka” reportedly crossed the $500 million mark globally this weekend.

As of Sunday, the film has reached $505.3 million – with $329.1 million of that from outside North America. On top of that, it has several major markets to go.

In some key markets it has done gangbuster business including $71 million in the UK, $21 million in Australia, $25 million in France and more. The film has also become “Paddington” director Paul King’s highest-grossing film ever.

It’s leading the solid early 2024 global box-office so far. David Ayer’s “The Beekeeper” debuted this weekend and is on track to land $37.1 million worldwide in its opening weekend with $8.1 million of that from IMAX.

“Mean Girls” meanwhile popped up in just over a dozen markets and worldwide is set to take in $34.5 million for its debut weekend.

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” does seem to be hanging in there thanks to global box-office. As of Sunday, the film now stands at $373.7 million worldwide.

Source: Variety

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