Disney had a major live-action hit on its hands with 2004’s Nic Cage-led “National Treasure,” a four-quadrant family action-adventure film that snagged good reviews and $347.5 million off a $100 million budget.

The sequel in 2007, though less well-received critically, still managed to snag $459.2 million from a $130 million budget. For many years there have been calls for a third film but Disney never pursued it.

The studio did eventually get around to reviving the property with the little-seen Disney+ series “National Treasure: Edge of History,” which was cancelled after a single season, but the demand remains high for a Cage-led third film.

Cage himself, who plays Benjamin Franklin Gates in the film, tells Deadline that even is ‘amazed’ Disney hasn’t pushed for another one:

“They’re a lot of fun. I mean, I enjoy them too, and I think Jon Turteltaub made a couple of classic films for the whole family. I’m still kind of amazed that Disney hasn’t wanted to make a third one.

I thought the movies brought a lot of joy to the public, and it’s certainly interesting about history, and I think all of that is worthwhile filmmaking.

You can dig deep and go into the more abstract stuff, like Bringing out the Dead, or Pig or even Dream Scenario, or you can open it up and make a movie that pleases a lot of people and hopefully gives families a chance to escape a little bit from whatever may be going on at home or in the office. I think they’re all valid.”

In other interviews in recent times, Cage has nothing but positive things to say about those films and his time with them, calling the positivity of the character “charming”.

Both “National Treasure” films are currently available on the Disney+ service.

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