The Kevin Hart-led mid-air heist film “Lift” premiered on Netflix on Friday to mixed reviews.

Hart plays Cyrus Whitaker, a man who leads an international crew of art thieves. His ex-girlfriend and Interpol agent Abby Gladwell (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) blackmails them into stealing $500 million in gold off a plane in-flight to prevent a terrorist attack.

The project hails from “The Italian Job” and “The Fate of the Furious” director F. Gary Gray who recently was out promoting the film where he teased potential franchise plans.

Speaking with Variety, he was asked if there’s any chance for a sequel to which he says:

“After the premiere, that’s exactly what we keep hearing from the people who watch the movie, like, ‘We want to see more of them.’ I think that’s a Netflix choice. I think they have an opportunity for a sequel.

They may have an opportunity for a franchise. I think that’s above my pay grade, but I do believe that based on the response, there’s an opportunity there, and I think Netflix and Kevin and the cast will have a lot to do with the choice if that happens or not.”

Vincent D’Onofrio, Sam Worthington, Jean Reno, Billy Magnussen, Paul Anderson, Burn Gorman, Ursula Corbero, Kim Yoon-ji, Viveik Kalra and Jacob Batalon co-star in the film which is now streaming on Netflix.

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