Tom Cruise has teamed up with Warner Bros. to develop, produce, and star in original content and franchise films at Warner Bros.


David Zaslav helped shepherd this extraordinary partnership with movie studio chiefs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy also taking active roles in securing the Cruisinator’s signature.  It will also see Tom and his production company have offices on the WBD lot in Burbank.

Cruise has existing projects at rival studios Universal and Paramount, but this new deal isn’t exclusive, nor is it a traditional first-look pact. Cruise can still make movies at other companies, but the hope is that with him attached to Warners, he will be able to generate the much-needed blockbusters and potential sequels that will once again enable audiences to take Warner Bros seriously.


This business deal isn’t Risky.


Back At The Bros.

WB gave Cruise his breakout role in Risky Business back in 1983 and has starred in various Warner Bros. releases such as Magnolia, Interview With The Vampire, The Last Samurai, and Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. But it’s been a decade since he appeared in the studio’s Edge of Tomorrow, for which we are STILL waiting for a sequel.

Understandably, De Luca and Abdy are happier than pigs in shit, and in a statement they couldn’t hide it:

“We are thrilled to be working with Tom, an absolute legend in the film industry. Our vision, from day one, has been to rebuild this iconic studio to the heights of its glory days, and, in fact, when we first sat down with David Zaslav to talk about joining the Warner Bros. Discovery team, he said to us, ‘We are on a mission to bring Warner Bros. back – we have the best resources, storytelling IP, and talent in the business – and we need to bring Tom Cruise back to Warner Bros!’


Today, that becomes a reality and we are one step closer to achieving our ambition. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Tom back to Warner Bros. and look forward to bringing more of his genius to life on screen in the years ahead.”


“We got Tom Cruise, yo!”


During his illustrious career, Tom Cruise movies have grossed an eye-watering $13 billion and he shows no signs of resting on his laurels.

“I have great respect and admiration for David, Pam, Mike, and the entire team at Warner Bros. Discovery and their commitment to movies, movie fans, and the theatrical experience, I look forward to making great movies together!”

Cruise still has the final installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise coming out for Paramount in 2025. He also has an upcoming Universal action movie from Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman which will see the actor become “the first civilian to do a spacewalk” outside of the International Space Station. Providing of course he can break the Earth’s Firmanent *wink-wink.

With Tom now setting up home at Warner Bros. can we expect to finally see Cruise in one of James Gunn’s capeshit movies? I hope not.


“Piss off James, you one trick pony, I’m not interested in your Gunnverse.”


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