Last year the one and only Patrick Stewart reprised his role of Professor Xavier from the “X-Men” movies in a cameo in Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”.

Multiple actors popped up for cameos in the film, only to be killed off a few minutes later with barely a few lines and being there for no real reason beyond pure fan service.

Previously Hayley Atwell, who made a cameo as Captain Carter in the scene, called filming that sequence “frustrating” and one that didn’t serve her character well.

Speaking with Josh Horowitz for the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Stewart agrees saying almost the exact same sentiment and confirming he shot his scenes on his own:

“I was alone. I think that the big scene, each one of the leading actors had the same experience. They were shot on their own. [It was] frustrating and disappointing… that’s how it’s been. The last few years have been challenging.”

Stewart also confirmed there have been talks of a “Deadpool 3” cameo but logistically there are a lot of issues in the way:

“It has come up, there’s been a process, but the last two-three years have been so difficult with the labor problems and the health problems, COVID, you know…”

Sam Raimi helmed the “Doctor Strange” sequel from a script by Michael Waldron, and for all the frustrations over the scene – the film itself ended up being a success – taking in $955.8 million at the global box-office albeit from a ridiculously large $295 million budget.

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