Marvel Studios’ animated anthology series “What If…?” closed out its second season over the weekend, capping off a nine-episode run that released one a day right through to New Year’s Eve.

The series is built on exploring alternative timelines and different scenarios involving the characters we know. It turns out one idea initially worked on for the second season didn’t see the light of day – one involving Spider-Man.

Speaking with IGN, series head writer and showrunner A.C. Bradley (“Ms. Marvel,” “Trollhunters”) confirmed she wrote an episode involving the web crawler and then said of its fate:

“I did write an episode, which is forever going in a drawer, that was very, very dark. I was calling it ‘Children of Men with Spider-Man.’”

It sounds like the episode never progressed past the writing stage. Bradley worked on the scripts for the second season in early-mid October 2020, which may be why the episode was dropped:

“It felt like the world was already ending and we didn’t need to add to it… And so it became kind of an escape and a fun release.”

Work on the third season of “What If…?” began last year and a Red Guardian-themed episode originally planned for the second season has been pushed to the third.

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