Various films are seen as the ‘audition’ movies of potential James Bond actors, roles which seem to tease what the actor could do as 007 albeit in a different character not dissimilar from Fleming’s creation.

The trouble is, when an actor takes on a role that’s ‘too similar’ to Bond it’s often seen as something that will rule them out of the running for the actual Bond role.

Henry Cavill is no stranger to Bond casting speculation, not a surprise considering he was one of the finalists for “Casino Royale” but was deemed too young at the time nearly twenty years ago. Cavill is still seen as a potential replacement for Craig, but isn’t a shoe-in as such.

Next month he’ll be seen playing a super spy in Matthew Vaughn’s action comedy “Argylle,” which has led to talk this is one of those ‘too similar’ roles and thus this rules Cavill out of the running for Bond.

Speaking with Total Film, Cavill says he believes both roles can co-exist and his future as 007 is up to Bond’s producers: “It’s a fun character. Whether I’m ruled out of Bond because of this or not is up to Barbara Broccoli and Mr. Wilson.”

Bryce Dallas Howard stars in the film as Elly Conway, the author behind spy novels which get played out on screen by Cavill as her fantasy agent Argylle. Sam Rockwell stars as Aiden Wilde, an actual undercover spy tasked with saving Elly from being kidnapped and killed.

The Universal Pictures and Apple Original Films release opens on February 2nd 2024 and will stream to Apple TV+ at a later date.

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