The BBC has dismissed complaints from “Doctor Who” viewers who complained about the inclusion of Yasmin Finney’s trans character of Rose Noble according to Radio Times.

The British broadcaster reportedly received 144 messages from disgruntled viewers about the representation in the first of the 60th anniversary specials “The Star Beast,” some of the complaints going so far as to call it “anti-male” and “inappropriate”.

The BBC has now issued an update on its complaints responses website, saying:

“As regular viewers of Doctor Who will be aware, the show has and will always continue to proudly celebrate diversity and reflect the world we live in. We are always mindful of the content within our episodes.”

In November, Davies said he aims to reflect society more on screen and slammed press vilification of transgender representation:

“[There are] newspapers of absolute hate, and venom, and destruction, and violence who would rather see that sort of thing wiped off the screen destroyed. Shame on you, and good luck to you in your lonely lives.”

The episode was reportedly watched by more than 7.6 million people last month, thus the complaints represent only the tiniest proportion of the audience. Finney returned in the third special and is slated to appear in the upcoming fourteenth season premiering in May.

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