So far the reception to the Disney+ TV series adaptation of Rick Riordan’s “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” novel series has been great.

Reviews have been far stronger for the show than the films, and numbers-wise the show has seemingly started out strong, at least according to Disney.

Now executive producer Jon Steinberg has spoken with The Direct recently and says whilst they have gone to great lengths to remain accurate, there’s still been a ‘million changes’ to little things from original books in order to adapt it:

“A million changes and you hope that almost all of them are invisible. These are very different mediums, and I think they tell stories differently. And so I think you have to embrace the idea that everything in the book is going to have to find a different form to inhabit in order to be something I’d want to watch on screen.”

As for those changes, it comes mostly down to ordering of scenes, some sequences are more emphasised than others, and so on. All of this is done not just with Riordan’s blessing but his enthusiastic input from the sounds of it:

“So sometimes it’s sequencing, it’s causation, it’s the way set pieces play out is a little different, but it made it work better.

Some of it is bigger, some of them, frankly, are things that I think Rick [Riordan] was excited about getting a second go at it. He wrote that book 20 some odd years ago, and you don’t get a second draft. And I think it was exciting and fun for him to sit in conversation about, ‘Alright, let’s rip the lid off this thing again.’

Would you do everything the same? Who would do everything the same 20 years later? No one. Neither would Rick. I think some changes in the way some of these relationships work and was something that we were all really excited about.”

So far the changes have seemingly been well received by fans, especially as the series reportedly respects the books more than the movies did.

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians” is streaming on the Disney+ service now and through the end of the month.

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