Former “Doctor Who” showrunner and “Sherlock” co-creator Steven Moffat says the UK needs something akin to “The West Wing” but for British politics.

Speaking with The Times newspaper (via Deadline) recently, he says the country’s slate of drama projects is missing a serious look at homegrown politics and fears that is impacting how real-life politicians behave:

“We’ve got a problem – we think that being cynical is sophisticated, but that’s how adolescents think. Our cynicism about our politics has resulted in cynical politicians.

If you tell a child they’re bad, they become bad. If you tell politicians they’re a bunch of egotistical maniacs, then where is the value in trying to be anything else?”

He adds he does “think it might be necessary” that a Blighty-style political drama akin Aaron Sorkin’s award-winning one should be made.

Moffat’s next work is “Douglas is Cancelled” in which a TV host becomes a target of cancel culture following a joke at a wedding going viral. Of that, he says:

“I think there is a sense of nervousness about cancellation. I don’t know how much we’d continue to fear cancellation if anyone was bombing us. If someone is capable of being cancelled, they’re a good person. You can’t cancel Hitler or the Yorkshire Ripper, only someone who cares about their reputation and has a conscience.”

Hugh Bonneville and Karen Gillan co-star in the project which will hit ITVX in 2024.

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