The critics have been scathing, but Zack Snyder’s action/sci-fi film “Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire” has been a big hit for Netflix – pulling in 23.9 million views in its opening weekend.

A full week after the movie launched on the service, Snyder himself has taken to social media to celebrate the success, posting on X that it’s the “Number 1 movie in the world period!!!! Thank you”.

The film is the first of two parts being released by the streamer with the second part launching in April. Then, at a later date in 2024, the R-rated director’s cuts of both films will arrive.

The “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “300” filmmaker spoke more at length in an official statement published by Netflix’s official site Tudum. In that he says:

“It’s been a truly unparalleled experience introducing Rebel Moon to global audiences and I’m thrilled that the movie is #1 around the world. We have the most dedicated and loyal fans across the world that any filmmaker could ask for, and seeing them consistently be supportive has been an enormously rewarding experience. We’re thrilled they are embracing the new world we’ve created in Part 1, and are excited for them to continue the journey next year with Part 2.”

One of the film’s stars, Ed Skrein, tells The Movie Podcast that his character of Atticus Noble really goes all out in the R-rated director’s cut: “I don’t think I’ve ever gone this far, you know. Zack didn’t want any of the fluffy edges, he didn’t write it with any soft edges. This is like, ‘We’re really going to show you what the enemy looks like, and we’re not going to make this TV-friendly.’.”

The PG-13 theatrical cut of “Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver” premieres on April 19th. The director’s cuts don’t have premiere dates at this time.

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