After Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom put most asses in seats on Christmas Day, it didn’t take long for Wonka to claim back that top spot on Boxing Day. Wonka took $8.9 million followed by the DC Comics adaptation with $8.3 million. The Color Purple was in third with $7 million.

If you are thinking these numbers look low, it is because they are. The last two years had Spider-Man: No Way Home and Avatar: The Way of Water injecting some horsepower into the box office totals for the holiday season. This year doesn’t, and it’s as flat as Jackie from Jaws 2.

Wonka will be OK, as it is about to pass the $100 million mark domestically today, on top of another $180 million worldwide. A healthy profit. The Color Purple has taken in $25 million in just two days. Aquaman, however, is looking on course to do numbers like The Marvels.

The numbers are similarly muted further down the charts as Migration pulls in $6.5 million, Clooney’s The Boys in the Boat gets $3 million, rom-com Anyone But You is at $2.6 million, The Iron Claw at $1.7 million, and Ferrari a disappointing $1.5 million.

There is not really a lot on the horizon in the coming weeks. Perhaps The Beekeeper on January 12th might peak Outposter interest. Maybe Night Swim? It really is going to be a barren few weeks at the box office. Reacher on Prime and a new Ricky Gervais stand-up on Netflix will have to keep us entertained.

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