The second season of Amazon Prime Video’s “Rings of Power” series has already completed filming, production managing to wrap just before the actor’s strike got underway in July.

As a result, the new run is on track for a 2024 release with filming having moved to the UK. Already a bunch of casting has been revealed with Sam Hazeldine replacing Joseph Mawle as Adar whilst acclaimed veteran actors like Ciarán Hinds and Rory Kinnear have joined the cast.


Amongst the many names added to the cast around a year ago was Gavi Singh Chera, a rising British actor known for his roles in “The Undeclared War” and “Mother Teresa & Me,” and guest spots on series like “The Lazarus Project” and “Vera.” He is also one of the cast in Steve McQueen’s upcoming “Blitz” film.

A recent report up at fan site Fellowship of Fans is claiming that Chera will play the “original form version” of the dark lord Sauron in the upcoming second season, a version said to be ‘angelic’ and ‘ethereal’. They indicate the character will have flashback scenes with long hair and present-day scenes with short hair, and appears in multiple major sequences across the season.

A mystery across the first season was the identity of Sauron which was ultimately revealed to be Australian actor Charlie Vickers’ character. The scoopers indicate Vickers is returning for the second season and we know the Sauron character has the ability to shapeshift, therefore it’s assumed the character will switch between at least two forms in the new run.

The report remains very much a rumor for now. Chera’s name was one of more than a dozen new names added to the cast about a year ago with all their roles under wraps.

Rumors as to storylines and plot elements to be incorporated into the new season have been flying over the past year ranging from the Battle of Eregion to the giant spider Shelob. We won’t know until we see a trailer which isn’t expected until well into 2024.

Source: Fellowship of Fans

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